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Intuition Meets Intelligence

Our AI solutions boost customer satisfaction, automate routine tasks, and drive growth. From personalised customer interactions to efficient operations, discover real-world examples of businesses transformed by QIVR’s intelligent automation and seamless knowledge transfer.

01 : Dental Clinic

Beyond the Smile

Imagine a patient with a minor question about post-surgical care. The patient can use Qivr's assistant to access the clinic's knowledge base and FAQs 24/7, finding the information they need instantly. This frees up the clinic's team to focus on appointments and more complex patient inquiries. Additionally, Qivr can schedule appointments, send automated appointment reminders, and even handle basic insurance verification, streamlining the patient experience and improving clinic efficiency.

02 : E-Commerce Retailer

The Science of Style

Data Drives Decisions: Qivr analyses customer interactions to identify popular styles and sizes. This data can be used to optimise product offerings, personalise marketing campaigns based on browsing history and recommend complementary items during checkout, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

03:Wellness Clinic

Heal Not Hassle

A returning patient with a history of back pain chats with Qivr's AI assistant. Qivr can recognise the patient and tailor the conversation accordingly. Instead of a generic greeting, AI can ask, "Hi Suzie how's your back feeling today?" and offer personalised appointment scheduling based on their medical history.

04: Start-Up

Scaling Not Drowning

Imagine the thrill: your startup takes off. Customers love your offerings, and your business explodes. But a hidden challenge awaits – a growing inbox overflowing with inquiries.

You crave a powerful, scalable solution for swift, efficient customer support that maintains your brand's personal touch.

Forget impersonal responses. Qivr's AI agents act like customer service ninjas, understanding customer needs, providing quick responses, and scheduling consultations. This frees up your team to focus on scaling your dream.

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