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Amplifying Growth: Leveraging Search

Updated: Jun 20

Case Study: Arbitrage in Retail

Background:A prominent online retailer specialising in consumer electronics sought to maximise their digital advertising ROI through search arbitrage. Despite a substantial advertising budget and a strong presence in online sales, they struggled to efficiently leverage their search ad spend, facing challenges in keyword cost management and campaign scalability.


  • Inefficient Keyword Targeting: The retailer's campaigns often targeted high-cost keywords that did not convert proportionately, leading to wasted ad spend.

  • Scalability Issues: Difficulty in scaling successful campaigns without increasing costs disproportionately.

  • Compliance Risks: Rapid changes in advertising policies posed risks of non-compliance, potentially leading to penalties or campaign pauses.

Qivr's AI-Driven Search Arbitrage Solution:

To address these challenges, Qivr implemented a comprehensive AI-driven search arbitrage strategy tailored to optimise the retailer’s advertising efforts for maximum efficiency and profitability.

  1. AI-Enhanced Keyword Optimisation:

  • Identifying Profitable Keywords: Qivr's AI assistants analysed historical data and current market trends to identify under-utilised, low-cost keywords with high conversion potential.

  • Dynamic Bidding Strategies: Using machine learning algorithms, Qivr continuously optimised bids in real-time based on keyword performance, ensuring the retailer paid the optimal price for each click.

  1. Scalability and Efficiency:

  • Automated Campaign Scaling: Qivr's AI tools automated the scaling process, expanding successful campaigns efficiently while maintaining control over the cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

  • Budget Reallocation: AI-driven insights allowed for dynamic reallocation of budget towards the best-performing campaigns and away from underperforming areas.

  1. Compliance and Risk Management:

  • Proactive Compliance Monitoring: Qivr's AI systems continuously monitored regulatory updates and automatically adjusted campaign parameters to ensure compliance with all applicable advertising standards.

  • Risk Mitigation: Advanced predictive analytics identified potential compliance risks and suggested preemptive adjustments to campaign strategies.


  • Reduced Cost-Per-Click (CPC): The AI-enhanced keyword optimisation led to a 40% reduction in CPC, significantly lowering the overall ad spend while maintaining click volumes.

  • Increased ROI: With optimised bids and better-targeted campaigns, the retailer experienced a 50% increase in ROI from their search arbitrage efforts.

  • Enhanced Compliance Posture: Automated compliance checks ensured all campaigns adhered to the latest advertising guidelines, reducing the risk of penalties and enabling uninterrupted campaign operation.


By leveraging Qivr’s AI capabilities, the online retailer transformed their search arbitrage strategy into a highly efficient and scalable operation. The AI-driven approach not only optimised their ad spend for better returns but also ensured they remained compliant and minimised risks associated with digital advertising.

Testimonial: "The AI solutions from Qivr revolutionised our search arbitrage strategy. We’ve seen unprecedented improvements in efficiency and profitability, and the peace of mind from knowing our campaigns are always compliant is invaluable," said the Chief Marketing Officer of the online retailer.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Qivr’s AI-driven tools in optimising search arbitrage strategies, offering businesses a powerful way to enhance their digital marketing efforts while maintaining compliance and reducing risks.

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